Friday, 2 September 2011

SLAB - Moon Returning... monitor mix

The first post on our new blog.

A monitor mix of a new track Moon Returning.

Sitting in some cafe, opiated, fucked, telling the tale of some hellish war torn miasma...while the memories swirl in my brain and Paul's guitar swirls backwards in some drug fuelled psycedelic haze

There's something wrong in my head....


Moon returning by SLAB - Descension


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another stunning vocal from Steve. I wasn't there when he did it, but if I know him at all, I bet it was another one-take wonder...

Inspired in part by Michael Herr's book 'Despatches' about being a journalist in Vietnam, this could equally be about any soldier caught up in a modern conflict - either of the Iraq wars, Afghanistan etc. It's about those 'dead-eyed' soldiers Herr met, who'd gone way beyond any semblance of duty or comeradeship, who'd gone to the dark side... the place where there is no coming back, men so brutalised they've become addicted to a kind of insane, impersonal brutality. Yes, 'Apocalypse Now' and Kurtz did it first, but I still feel it's ever-more relevant today ... as our men die daily in Afghanistan,who knows what we're really fighting for. Keeping the Taliban at bay ? As soon as we withdraw, they'll be all over that country like a rash Keeping extremist Muslim terrorism at bay ? Rubbish - the 7/7 bombers were all disaffected Brits. Check out Chris Morris's 'Four Lions'. Hilarious isn't it ? Until the last ten minutes ... Violence is addictive. So what of the men who want 'the war' - wherever it is - to continue forever ? They can't go home anymore ...

One day, we'll release a song we did as a zeitgeist reaction to the slaughter of the retreating Iraqi army at Basra in the first Gulf war. Called 'The Road To Basra', it's probably the most harrowing thing Steve and I ever did, which is why we've sat on it for so long. It truly captures the horror and disgust of that mindless slaughter - so that's another Chistmas single in the bank then ha ha !

Peace. Really. It's the only way forward for us as a species.

Paul J

19 November 2011 at 13:39  

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