Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Do Not Be Afraid Walk Into The Light -SLAB

Do Not Be Afraid Walk Into The Light - SLAB by SLAB

This one's for all the loved ones we have lost - and will lose. Don't be afraid, walk into the light. My sister had a bad epileptic fit once, and nearly drowned in the bath. Luckily, my Dad managed to break the door down, gave her the kiss of life, and saved her (with me quivering impotently downstairs - mind you, I was only 13). She said she had the most amazing dream as she was (nearly) dying. She was in the most beautiful garden she'd ever seen in her life, and she could hear birds singinging. When she came back round to consciousness, she said she was actually sad to leave such a beautiful place. Which proves, whether you belive in the afterlife or not, the human brain is capable of an amazing response to potentially life-threatening moments. So we should never fear death. My brother-in-law died in my arms in 2000, and the sense of peace and stillness afterwards was the most profound thing I've ever experienced. This tune was written for him, my Dad, and Steve's lost loved ones too. we will all meet up again, some sunny day - hopefully in my sister's garden ... Paul J


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